About me

I was first licensed as a Technician in 2005 with the call sign KI6AZD. I upgraded to General in 2007. I upgraded shortly after that to Amateur Extra Class and received the vanity call N6LY.

From my home QTH in Hollister, CA I run:

Barefoot 100w Kenwood TS-2000 through an Alpha-Delta DX-CC at 33FT, Inverted V.

You will also find my APRS station, N6LY, on the air and digipeating 24/7 from Hollister, CA.

I'm active on most bands and have a special love for all digital modes. You will find me usually running PSK31, RTTY, Feld HELL or SSTV in addition to traditional SSB phone.

You may also catch me from time to time on one of the AMSAT birds operating from my backyard in CM96.  I use a tripod-mounted arrow antenna along with my Kenwood D7A HT at 5watts.

I constructed and continue to do the linux admin for the IRLP/Echolink node with the San Benito County Amateur Radio Association http://www.sbcares.org

I look forward to seeing you on the air, in space and on the waterfall!

-Bryan Lynch